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Why S&H?

All our risers are manufactured on demand, thus being able to provide the archer with a piece built exclusively for him, being able to select riser length, type of wood, window size, type of grip, color in the reinforcements inlays, as well as being able to install inserts for Bow Quiver, or make some engraving with laser technology, name, initials, logo, etc.

The parts are machined by CNC (numerical control), which allows to achieve maximum precision in the rolling and joining process through an exclusive process designed by S&H Bows in which the alignment, pressure and temperature are exhaustively controlled, achieving thus a product of excellent quality, finish and high precision. The angles of attack for the anchoring of limbs are those appropriate to the ILF standard, making any limbs on the market behave exactly as the manufacturer designed them, always obtaining a perfect geometry and total poundage.

Bolts are an exclusive S&H Bows design, they are specifically designed to comply with the standard that regulates ILF risers for Instinctive Class according to the WA (World Archery) regulations and they are also manufactured by numerical control with the maximum precision. It consists of two high quality steel screws and five nylon heads with different sizes, making it possible to make a correct adjustment, both Tiller and Poundage, with a simple head change. This system allows a total support of limbs regardless of the chosen Tiller, since it is a moving head that adapts perfectly to the angle of attack.

Harry Arher and Silvio Trombin talking about technical aspects.

What is our passion?

S&H Bows Traditional Archery began its activity in 2018.

With the firm conviction of being able to make the possibility of building a highly competitive riser suitable for the traditional archery of the 21st century a reality, we got down to work.

Our commitment, passion and dedication led us to achieve a highly optimized design in our first model, Icaro Riser. There are a large number of parts manufactured of this model, distributed throughout the world with a very high level of satisfaction among our customers. The record of some of them is irrefutable proof that we are on the right track.

In 2020 our second model, Khronos Riser, was born. It is a somewhat different design, something more balanced and with a more stylized aesthetic. Our determination to improve and meet the expectations of our customers is a powerful engine that keeps us moving forward.

About us?

Harry Archer and Silvio Trombin, great friends and archery companions, decide to start a collaborative project to pool knowledge and experience, culminating in what S&H BOWS represents today.

Silvio is a bow builder with several years of experience, his signature SILVER SPIRIT has placed, in the hands of many archers, really beautiful pieces with high quality finishes, this is how Harry gets involved in this project, from client to collaborator.

Years dedicated to studying the functioning of a bow, how an arrow behaves when fired, more efficient setting and configuration and a long etcetera of research in the field of traditional archery, unequivocally results in the attempt to mitigate concerns and start this exciting project that allows us to enjoy our passion from a new and different perspective, the manufacture of a bow.

We manufacture your riser totally personalized, access the customization of your equipment and enjoy a unique experience.

Some of our best-selling products.

ILF KHRONOS model riser built from a block of SaRaiFo wood, which can consist of a single type of wood or a combination of two different woods.  The block is constructed by including laminates of natural sycamore...
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Gobi, PERFORMANCE LIMBS. The Nature limbs line now includes four models derived from Uukha's Target products: Nature limbs are designed for 3D shooting, nature, and hunting. They have the same profile and...
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Customize your equipment and enjoy a unique experience.

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